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The Poison Sisters



heartstopper ep

Tracks - Heartstopper, Stockholm Syndrome, Iminlovewithawomanwhowantsmedead, How Drunk Is Your Love.

Radium Dial Records - Cat No. dial 009
Digital Distribution

heartstopper ep cover


Tracks - Chicane #2, Fast Mata Hari, Human Torch, Recovery Position, Relationshipping, Surf, Harvest, Lo-Fi Girlfriend #2, Deep Red Hurt (F****d Tape Mix).

Radium Dial Records - Cat No. dial 008
Digital Distribution

lo-fire album cover small

Keelhauling with....

Tracks - Gene Pull, Frame 313, Diabolik, Keelhauled, Come And Ride Shotgun, Survival Of The Sickest, Mata Hari, Bermuda Love Triangle, Ship On Fire, Nil By Roadkill.

Radium Dial Records - Cat No. dial 007
Digital Distribution

keelhauling with... cover

Tron Box Office cd

Tracks - Surf, Frame 313, Gene Pull, Come + Ride Shotgun, Lo-Fi Girlfriend, Hatchet Burial Song, Relationshipping, Human Torch.

Radium Dial Records - Cat No. dial 006
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tron box office cover

Count Your Blessings tape/cd

Tracks - [sic], Brave New Whirl, Toothpastemouth, X, Up to The Wagon (demo), Deep Red Hurt (demo), Disgorger, The Body Politic, Throat, Switchblade's For You, Currency of Broken Hearts, Minute Silence, The Broken Skin, Serial Number, Intercooler/Trash, Quatermess, Cataract (demo), Human Torch (demo), Kiss My Asterisks.

Radium Dial Records - Cat No. dial 004
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count your blessings cover
Tarantula Rising cd

Tracks - 76yrs, Chicane, Up to the Wagon, Cataract, Tongue-tied, Lovebug, Vagina Dentate, Deep Red Hurt, Insect Floor, 1+1=0, The Devil's Corduroy, Essential Oils, Space Dust.

Flotsam And Jetsam Records - Cat No. SHaG 017
Distributed by S.R.D. (U.K.)
tarantula rising cover
Chicane e.p. 7"

Tracks - Chicane, One More Time, The Grind, XYY Chrome (Live).

Class Records - Cat No. SMERT 002
Distributed by Cargo / Mail Order
chicane cover
Split Single (with Eska) 7"

Tracks - Unclean, Lo-Fi Girlfriend (Poison Sisters),
In The Bottle, Aristotle (Eska).

Flotsam And Jetsam Records - Cat No. SHaG 002
Distributed by S.R.D. (U.K.)

split 7" cover
Digitalis e.p. 7"

Tracks - There'll Never Be Another Who Comes Near, Cataract, Digitalis, Hatchet Burial Song.

Flotsam And Jetsam Records - Cat No. SHaG 009
Distributed by S.R.D. (U.K.)
digitalis cover
Club Beatroot No.7 (With The Karelia) 7"

Tracks - Hatchet Burial Song (Live) (Poison Sisters)
Summer In Spain (The Karelia)

Flotsam And Jetsam Records - Cat No. SHaG 013.07
Distributed by Prime (U.K.)
club beatroot cover


Tracks - Angeline, Aftertaste, Affecting me, Living In A Scream, Another Sweet Nothing, Psychodrama No.1, Sugar, Hurricane, Skin Crawl, Soft Machine, I Won't Bite, The Fall, Set My Soul on Fire, Surf.

Cassette only demo album

sugar n spice tape cover small

Compilation Tracks

Into The Kiltmakers
22 Track CD
Poison Sisters Track:
Glass Cow Records
(BSE 001)
Oh God! The Album
16 Track CD
Poison Sisters Track:
"Space Dust"
NGM Records
(NGM 011)
The Kazoo Collection
10 Track Vinyl LP
Poison Sisters Track:
"Unclean (Live)"
Glassy Records
(GLASS 001)