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30/01/2017 - The "Sugar'n'Spice" demo album from 1992 (!!) is now up on the Bandcamp page, and can be downloaded for free.

19/01/2017 - After a brief hiatus, the T-Shirt Store is now back up.

17/10/2016 - Few more tracks posted up on the SoundCloud page - demos from the last album + other stuff.

16/05/2016 - The new album, "Lo-Fire" is out now on Radium Dial Records. It's available to buy in digital format only, and can be bought from our Online Shop via BandCamp, or from the following sites -

iTunes , Amazon , Play , CDBaby , Deezer , Spotify + a whole host of others - as per usual, just do a search on your favourite site/platform, as it's probably there.

Full artwork and lyrics can be downloaded from here, or they are included in the Bandcamp/Shop version, which also includes a bonus track remix track by Holocaust Nancy as well.

08/01/2016 - The "Keelhauling with ...." album is named #5 in Jockrock's albums of the year list.

28/10/2015 - Stage times for the Stereo gig on Fri night will be as follows - Mondo a Go-Go 7.30pm Jackhammers 8.00pm Poison Sisters 8.45pm.

08/10/2015 - Next gig will be a combined Jim D. birthday and "Keelhauling..." album launch at Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow on Oct. 30th. Also taking part in the shenanigans will be Mondo a Go-Go and The Jackhammers . Doors from 7pm and it's FREE ENTRY !!

07/10/2015 - Couple of new videos for "Gene Pull" and "Survival Of The Sickest" up on the Video page.

20/04/2015 - The new album, "Keelhauling with.... The Poison Sisters" is out now on Radium Dial Records. It's available to buy in digital format only, and can be bought from our Online Shop via BandCamp, or from the following sites -

iTunes , Amazon, Play, CDBaby, Deezer, Spotify + a whole host of others - just search your favourite site/platform, as it should be there.

For the completists among you, the full artwork + lyric sheet can be download from here, or with a Bandcamp/Shop purchase.

30/05/2014 - Next gig will be at The 13th Note, King St., Glasgow on Sat. 14th June, with Fly The Friendly, Aye-aye, and Ikarie XB-1.

Stage time will be approx 8:15pm and entry fee is £4.

03/06/2013 - Next gig will be as part of the Kyles Festival at the Wellpark Hotel, Tighnabruaich, Argyll on Fri. 7th June with Smokey Joe and Permagrin .

Approx Stage Times will be - Permagrin 8:30-9:15 Poison Sisters 9:30-10:30 Smokey Joe 10:45-12 midnight. Entry to this gig will be FREE.

18/02/2013 - Our Bandcamp Page has now been transmogrified into being our online shop - t-shirts, etc are still available here - UK/Europe or USA .

01/11/2012 - All our previous records are now up for sale and preview on our Bandcamp Page, along with a new one, Tron Box Office, which is of a live set that was recorded in the very same box office in 2004 - oh, and it's FREE to download.

31/10/2012 - Couple of videos from last year's Halloween shindig at Heavenly are now up on the audio/video page.

04/10/2011 - Next gig will be as part of the Halloween shenanigans at Heavenly, 185 Hope St., Glasgow on Sat. 29th October, with Edinburgh School For The Deaf and She's Hit.

Entry to this gig will be FREE.

18/09/2011 - Tarantula Rising album is now available to buy on cd and download from our CDBaby Online Store on the Shop page.

07/04/2011 - Poison Sisters t-shirts - Now available via our 2 online Spreadshirt stores - just choose the best for your location/currency - UK/Europe or USA .

06/04/2011 - Tarantula Rising album is now up for streaming on Spotify .

01/02/2011 - The audio player from our SoundCloud site is now up on the audio/video page - more tracks will be added whenever they're released/prised from the vault/etc.

17/10/2010 - Next gig will be a solo set as part of the Buckfest 2-day festival at The 13th Note, 50-60 King St., Glasgow on Sat. 23rd October.

Stage time should be around 6pm.

The Saturday line-up is -

4.30 Part Time Martyrs
5.15 Inteligencia
6.00 Poison Sisters
6.45 The Wan Affs
7.30 The No-Brainers
8.30 The Bucky Rage
9.30 The Handsome Dicks
10.30 Charles Randolph Rivers' Slim Rhythm Revue

22/09/09 - More video footage from the last Stereo gig now up on the audio/video page.

Stage time for the GGI Festival on Sat. 26th looks to be 6:30pm at the moment.

30/07/2009 - Two more gigs lined up - Duckstock at The Flying Duck, 142 Renfield Street, Glasgow on Sun. 16th August and the GGI Festival at Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow on Sat. 26th September.

28/07/2009 - Video of "There'll Never B...." from the Stereo gig now up on the audio/video page, more footage coming soon !!

04/04/2009 - Next gig will be at Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow, on Thurs. 23rd April, with The Space Kittens and Beatroot, to celebrate the fact that it's been 20 years since the first ever Poison Sisters gig !!
Doors 8.30pm with FREE ENTRY + DJ sets after the bands.

14/07/2008 - The "Count Your Blessings" album is now available as a free download from the audio/video page and to buy as a DIY CD from our Online Shop page. The album features 19 previously unreleased studio, live and demo tracks from the period 1992 - 2002, and, up until now, has been only available on cassette.

08/11/2007 - Further updates to the Online Shop - you can now buy Poison Sister's songs as downloads from iTunes, Napster, HMV and others by using our Emubands Online Store.

26/08/2007 - The Online Shop page has been updated - you can now buy Poison Sisters vinyl and cds online with credit cards by using the Paypal secure payment system.

17/07/2007 - Update on the Dunstaffnage Music Festival - we'll be playing on the Main Stage on Sat. 28th July at 1.30pm - check out their website for further info on how to get tickets, and the other bands that are also playing over the weekend.

05/07/2007 - Next gig is at the Dunstaffnage Music Festival , near Oban, in Argyll. The festival is on the 28th and 29th of July - more details of stage times, etc. to follow.

13/4/2007 - Two more Glasgow gigs lined up -

Thurs. 3rd May @ Nice'n'Sleazy, 421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow. With The Deniros and Nanobots .

Doors 8.30pm. £4.

Sun. 20th May @ Nice'n'Sleazy, 421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow. With Dead City Radio .

Doors 9pm. £5.

6/4/2007 - New gig lined up with How To Swim and Don Don Don -

Thurs. 12th April @ Mono, King's Court, Glasgow. Doors 8pm.

Looks like we'll be on first, so, get there early, etc........

Some more Glasgow gigs waiting to be confirmed - info up soon.

12/3/2007 - After wandering about in the vaults for a while, we managed to unearth a copy of the video for "[sic]", which you can see by going to the audio/video page.

2/11/2006 - We've recorded a cover of "Strychnine" for the Cramps tribute double cd, Trash Is Neat Vol.3., which was put together by MondoSean from Mondo a Go-Go. The whole double cd, including all the artwork, can be downloaded from

30/8/2006 - YouTube and downloadable versions of "I Won't Bite" and "Hatchet Burial Song (live)" are now up on the audio/video page.

27/72006 - Stage time has been brought forward for the Dunstaffnage Music Festival tomorrow - we're now on at 4:30pm in the bar tent.

13/6/2006 - The band are playing at the Dunstaffnage Music Festival, near Oban, in Argyll on Fri. 28th July. We're down to play at 6pm in the bar tent. Some of the other bands on the bill are The Amphetameanies, The Grease Monkeys, Steg G + Freestyle Master, Sound Development Agency + a whole host of others. Tickets cost £25 for one day, or £40 for both days (inc. camping).

All the details can be found at

12/6/2006 - Next gig looks like it's going to be at Pikey's Party, in a field at Achnacloich, near Oban in Argyll. Not sure who else is playing, but, if you want more details of how to get there/etc, just get in touch.

The MySpace page has some pics from the recent Stereo gigs, and a couple of tracks from the split 7" singles rotated in for playback.

11/4/2006 - New gig lined up as part of the Club Beatroot series -

Wed. 26th April @ Stereo, Kelvinhaugh St., Glasgow. Doors 8:00pm. £4.

with Miss The Occupier and Beatroot.

(Poison Sisters should be onstage around 9:45pm)

The band will be going into the studio in April to try and nail down some more tracks for that 2nd album - we'll keep you posted on "developments", etc.........

We've finally given in to peer pressure, and put up a MySpace page, so, that'll be used for the audio tracks for a while - hoping to rotate the songs on a regular basis (i.e. when we remember............;).

Shop updated - you can now buy online from Simbiotic, both in plastic/vinyl and download format.

16/2/2006 - 2 gigs have been lined up for March - both of them with The Grease Monkeys and Plastic Adults. The dates are -

Fri. 3rd March @ Stereo, Kelvinhaugh St., Glasgow. Doors 8:30pm. £3. (Poison Sisters will be onstage 1st.)

Sat. 25th March @ Cafe Royale Bistro, Edinburgh. Doors 9pm. £4.

13/1/2006 - Line - up change !! After a short period without a drummer, due to brother Pete moving back to Argyll, we've now been joined by Gordon Brady (formerly of Macrocosmica/Bangtwister/Glen Or Glenda/etc) on the drums again (he played on most of the Tarantula Rising album). There should be some gigs coming up in the next few months. Stay tuned, and all that.........

26/04/2005 - After a bit of winter hibernation.......... Website spring cleaned, the band are busy writing + rehearsing new tracks for that 2nd album. More info to follow, no doubt.........

1/12/2004 - The Realplayer streaming has gone from the audio page, with the 3 previous tracks now being available to download as mp3s.

20/07/2004 - Some of the tracks have been removed from the Vitaminic page - it now mainly contains the free download songs. The other released tracks will be back up, along with an online shop, in the very near future.

22/06/2004 - Gig update - The promoter for the Tron Theatre gig with Ed Tenpole Tudor has graciously allowed us an unlimited "paying guest-list" for Poison Sisters fans - £4 on the door, instead of the full price of £8.
If you want to take advantage of this, either email us at this address, so we can put you down on the list -
or, by all accounts, if you just say that you're at the gig to see The Poison Sisters, you should get the reduced rate on the door as well.
Just to recap - the gig is at The Tron Theatre, Glasgow on Fri. 25th June - Ed Tenpole Tudor and The Poison Sisters - from 9.30pm.

14/06/2004 - Next gig - Fri. 25th June - The Tron Theatre, Trongate, Glasgow - supporting Ed Tenpole Tudor, from 9.30pm £8. We'll be doing another one of our "quieter", no-drum-kit sets - Poison Sisters should be on about 9.45, with Ed Tenpole Tudor on about 10.30. More details here.

11/03/2004 - Unfortunately, due to a double booking by the venue owner, the gig at the Mercat in Edinburgh on Sat.13th has had to be cancelled, however, the one in Sleazy's the following night is still on.

1/03/2004 - Two gigs have now been set up for the middle of the month, details -

Sat. 13th March - The Mercat, Haymarket, Edinburgh - with The Grease Monkeys + Denghis, from 8pm £3
Sun. 14th March - Nice'n'Sleazy's, Glasgow - with The Grease Monkeys + Regular Joe, from 9pm £4
Hope to see you there.

29/11/2003 - Apologies to those of you who've been trying to access the site over the last few days - there have been a few hiccups in the transfer and forwarding of the domain name, but they seem to be sorted now. You might want to update your bookmarks/favourites to , although the old address should lead you here as well. Oh, and thanks for coming back.

14/11/2003 - There's now a higher quality version of the video for I Won't Bite available for download in the Audio section for all of you with a nice, fast connection. It's in MPEG format, weighs in at 55mb and you can get it here.

17/9/2003 - Next gig will be at Stereo, Kelvinhaugh St., Glasgow on Wed. 24th Sept - the other bands will be Owsley Sunshine and Cayto. Doors from 9pm, £4 on the door.

13/6/2003 - Next gig will be at the yearly shindig known as Pikey's Party, which takes place in a field at North Connell, near Oban. This year it's on the Sat. 21st of June, and features Macrocosmica, The Gems, The Grease Monkeys, Pronghorn, Ursula Minor, and The Freestyle Master amongst others. If you're going - we'll see you there...............
Vitaminic have decided to make The Poison Sisters one of their Spotlight bands in the alternative section - click here to see what this means. It might only be up for one day, so click fast if you can.........
The next 4 new tracks have been finished (finally, after many studio woes....) for the next album, so, hey that must make 7 down, um, 'round about 6 or so to go........................for those of you who are still holding your breath - exhale, breathe, right, hold it till we get the rest done..........................

25/4/2003 - The gig mentioned below at Stereo, Kelvinhaugh St., Glasgow will be on Wed. the 30th of April and the other band will be Bleachie. Doors from 8.30 pm, £3 on the door.

27/03/2003 - Two new Glasgow gigs have just been confirmed - another "stripped-down" type of affair at Mono on Mon. 14th of April, and the usual full-on kinda thing at Stereo on Wed. 30th of April. Will post more details when we get them.

15/01/2003 - Next gig will be at Mono, 12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow. on Mon. 27th of Jan. We'll probably be on stage from around 9pm. Entry is FREE. This will be a "stripped-down" and altogether quieter set (or even couple of sets.....) than usual, without a full drum kit. So, you can leave the earplugs at home for once...........
There's also the addition of a new video section on the audio page, which has a RealPlayer version of the "I Won't Bite" video from a hell of a long time ago. Unfortunately, it's only in "underwater-56k-blurry-vision" at the moment, so it's a bit murky, but higher bandwidth versions and loads more videos should be coming up soon, once we've got more Real server space. (Keep watching the skies, etc......).

11/11/2002 - Confirmed gig at The 13th Note cafe, King St., Glasgow. on Fri 29th of Nov. Also on the bill will be Ursula Minor and De Rosa. Doors from 9pm, entry will be £3.

28/10/2002 - Next gig will be a Halloween special at West 13th, Kelvinhaugh St, Glasgow. on Thurs. 31st October. First band could be on around about 8:30pm. We'll try to play something to make your teeth a-chatter and your knees knock, in true Halloween fashion...........

17/9/2002 - The band have been in the studio working on more tracks for their next album, but "gremlins" (the cute little furry buggers with sharp teeth...) in the new desk at Chem 19 have been holding up the completion of the next batch of tracks, but they should be completed soon(ish).
While we were there, we recorded our response to the so-called "minutes' silence" for the Sept 11th thing, at the precise time that everyone was supposed to be shushed............You can get the track, which, is called "minute silence" free on the Vitaminic page, or you can download it from here (938 kb MP3).

13/10/2001 - The next gig will be another Soundtracks appearance at the !3th Note Club, Clyde Street, Glasgow. This one is on October 31st - Halloween, and probably starts around 9pm. Not sure which film we'll be playing along to yet - too many horror films in the cupboard to choose from, but no doubt one will leap out in a startling manner........

13/9/2001 - Next confirmed gig will be in the 13th Note Cafe, King Street, Glasgow. on Mon the 1st of October. Also on the bill will be Free Radicals and Soulfinger. The doors will be open at 9pm and it'll be £3 to get in. So now you know.......

6/5/2001 - Next Poison Sisters gig will be as part of the Soundtracks night at The 13th Note Club, Clyde Street, Glasgow on Wed. the 23rd of May ( door open at around 9-ish). We'll probably be playing along (kind of in time) to Abel Ferrarra's "MS.45 - Angel Of Vengeance".

5/5/2001 - New and improved version of the website, including streaming RealAudio on the Audio page.

26/2/2001 - New photos in the rogues gallery that is the Photo Section.

3/2/2001 - Two new tracks up on the Vitaminic Page - a live version of "Hatchet Burial Song", from the Club Beatroot split 7", and a demo version of "Human Torch". More to follow soon......

9/12/2000 - All of the tracks from the "Tarantula Rising" album are now available on MP3.Com and Besonic as well as Vitaminic, so you can listen/download them from there if that's closer to where you are.

18/11/2000 - Next Glasgow gig will be at The 13th Note Cafe on Mon. 27th of Nov. as part of a benefit gig. The other bands will be Lummox and Ultimo Dragon and entry will be £3 on the door.

2/10/2000 - Next Glasgow gig will be at The 13th Note Club on Clyde Street along with News From Nowhere and Chairman Mouth on Thurs. 26th of October. It will be free entry on the door and the doors should open around 9pm-ish.

20/8/2000 - The next Poison Sisters gig is as part of the Soundtracks night (see below) at The 13th Note in Glasgow on Mon. 4th Sept. We'll be playing along in sync to Dario Argento's "Suspiria".

19/8/2000 - Unfortunately, Vitaminic are being really slow in putting up the tracks on their site (they've had the encoded files for over five weeks, and still no joy.......), so, apologies to anyone who went looking for them, and hopefully they'll be in place soon.........

1/8/2000 - All previously released Poison Sisters tracks, as well as various other recordings, demos and oddities will soon be available to download from Vitaminic. Some of the tracks are for sale, and some are for free. All of them are previewable with Realplayer. Go to the Audio page for further details.

12/6/2000 - Had to pull out of the Sountracks thing as there just wasn't enough time to fit all the bands in - performance re-scheduled for the next Soundtracks night, which will be some time in September.

2/6/2000 - Next gig is at The 13th Note, King St., Glasgow on Sun. 2nd of July with Guavara and Lummox.

25/5/2000 - The band are due to play at the next Soundtracks evening at the 13th Note Cafe on Mon. 12th June. The idea of these evenings is that the bands compose music for their favourite films (up to 10 mins) and then play live in sync with the video as it's shown.

23/5/2000 - Original band member Peter Black rejoins on drums (he was previously on bass), replacing Kenny Martin who decides to retire from rock'n'roll altogether..............

1/5/2000 - The first three tracks for the next album are eventually mixed at Chem 19 studios in Hamilton. 3 down 10 to go................